The following documents have been prepared by Impact Executive Solutions to help candidates make better use of the time they spend working on career decisions and when seeking a (new) position. They are based on our combined experience and are offered to support your decisions and actions. The approach we recommend in some areas may differ from the recommendations of others. It is important that you seek advice from others if you are determined to seriously review and act on your career direction and job seeking activities.

1. Managing Your Career

2. Resume Preparation

a. Preparing your “Standard” Resume

b. Sample “Standard” Resume

c. The One Page Resume

3. Replying to an Advertisement

a. Preparing an Application Letter

4. The Interview

a. Preparing for the interview

b. Typical interview questions

c. What to do before the interview

d. What to do during the interview

e. What to do after the interview

5. Questions Regarding Remuneration

6. Ten Reasons for Not Accepting a Counter Offer