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The following ten reasons for NOT accepting a counter offer have stood the test of time for many years. As experienced recruiters and managers, the partners of Impact Executive Solutions Pty Ltd can assert that the reasons below are as valid today as when they were first published several decades ago. You always need to consider counter offers from your current employer carefully, but please realise that more than two or three of the following reasons will apply to you.

1. You should not have to threaten to resign to get what you are worth!
2. All companies have strict salary guidelines and relativities. Is your increased pay coming out of your next raise?
3. Now your employer knows you are unhappy – and your loyalty will always be in question.
4. Your reasons for considering a change will repeat themselves – even if you accept a counter offer.
5. Even if you accept a counter offer, statistics show you will probably leave within six months or be let go within a year.
6. A counter offer is an insult to your intelligence and blow to your pride – knowing you were bought.
7. Will your employer consider your loyalty when promotion time comes around?
8. You’ll be the first to go when times get tough.
9. Your relationship with co-workers will change. You will lose peer group acceptance.
10. Your company may start to look for your replacement.