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When to use a one page resume

The One Page Resume is suggested for use by some as the ONLY resume you should use. We at Impact Executive Solutions Pty Ltd are not quite at ease with this approach, but we are very much aware that it is a powerful “marketing document” for you when you are seeking a new position. It is easy to read and more likely to be read than a longer resume as it is only one page. It can be used as a useful introductory and summary first page of your main resume, all you need to do is remove “A full resume and references are available on request.”
How to write a one page resume

Career Objective

This is optional. If using, you must ensure that it is specific, brief and relates to any position you are applying for.


Only include qualifications of relevance. You can add notes to accompany the list of qualifications if you need to. These notes may refer to the specific nature of your studies if relevant to the company/position you are approaching.

Career Summary

Commence with your current/most recent position. Note how the different positions with ABC Ltd are listed under the dates for the overall period of employment.


These need to be quantified wherever possible. Achievements can be quantified in monetary, percentage, time related or volume terms without breaching any confidences of previous employers.

A full resume and references are available on request.

This closing line merely points out that you are willing and able to provide a more detailed resume and referees if asked to do so.



Fred Smith Home:
1 Jones Street Mobile:
Brownsville NSW 1111 Work:

Career Objective

To secure a regionally focused Supply Chain Management role with an Australian based multi-national manufacturer and distributor.

Institution Qualification Year
University of Sydney Degree in XYZ 1995
Sydney TAFE Certificate in ABZ 1989

Career Summary

Company Position Dates
XYZ Pty Ltd Supply Manager 2002 – Present
ABC Ltd 1992 – 2002
Supply Manager 1998 – 2002
Purchasing Manager 1996 – 1998
Purchasing Officer 1992 – 1996
DDD & Co. Purchasing Officer 1989 – 1992


  •   Reduced vendor numbers from 2,067 to 616 without loss of continuity of supply.
  •   Increased inventory turnover 67% saving $xx in financing costs.
  •   Reduced inventory value by $2.6M.
  •   Assisted in achieving “Supplier of the Year Award – 2005” with ABC Ltd.
  •   Successfully implemented ERP system on time and on budget in 2005.
  •   Managed a team of up to 12 (reduced from 18) with almost no staff turnover.

A full resume and references are available on request.


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