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What are your expectations in terms of base salary for permanent positions or hourly/daily rate if you are looking for contracting assignments?

You must be in a position to put a value on yourself. It is tempting to inflate your current/package, but be careful as:

  • You may be asked to show proof;
  • You may miss out on just the right position because you are considered “too expensive” by a few dollars.

You should be in a position to be specific regarding the structure of your total package.

Your package will obviously include a base salary and may also include some of the following:

  • Usually 9%. If different, be able to specify the % and/or the structure of the superannuation plan if different to the norm.
Motor Vehicle options
  • Company provided and maintained.
  • Your vehicle with a car allowance.
  • Novated lease through your package – vehicle at your risk.
  • How calculated?
    – Company performance.
    – Your performance.
    – Frequency.
    – Maximum value.
    – Actual value last year.
    – Realistic expectations current year.
    – To a maximum of?
  • As per bonuses.
Medical Benefits
  • To what plan and value?
Shares & Options
  • Frequency – value – vesting?
Education Support
  • Which facility?
  • What and to what value?
  • Mobile phones, home cable connection and PC’s/ Laptops are considered “tools of trade” and are not generally factored in to remuneration calculations.
Education Assistance
  • What course?
  • To what value?
  • How/when paid – e.g. on successful completion?