The rivalry for quality talent is ever present.  

Let our competitive advantage become your competitive advantage!

 The key is we specialise and our business is knowing how and where to source the right talent for your business.

At Impact Executive Solutions, we see it as our job to make the task of finding best-fit talent for your business simple, efficient and precise. Our aim is to save you time, energy and emotion, while delivering our services with the utmost integrity.

We’re unique because the Impact Executive Solutions model provides the systems and processes you’d expect from a global consultancy with the scale that allows for a truly personalised service – processes focused on your needs both during and after the recruitment assignment, are reflected in strategies like….

Working closely with clients to understand their business and their challenges to determine practical staffing solutions

  • Having a policy that demands that we personally interview all short listed candidates to ensure they fit your brief technically and culturally
  • Ensuring any required advertising is for your benefit (that is, for the role), not for our brand
  • Focusing on relationships taking pride on our ability to work closely with our clients and candidates to maximize opportunities and results.

Our strategic business alliances and focused networking provides a high level of industry intelligence which means we know what’s happening in your competitive marketplace from every angle. Such as the economics of your segment, the workforce issues, supply, demand, market influences and the unique characteristics of your industry… we make it our priority to stay informed.

We know where to find the best people, at every level and at every touch point. Market rivalry is no longer your problem – it is ours!

The client base of Impact Executive Solutions benefits from greater levels of intervention during all phases of the recruitment process.

It is a matter of policy that we personally interview all short listed candidates. This model enables us to maintain a competitive position in our market place.

Comments from both our clients and candidates have proven to us that this approach delivers a better level of service with the ultimate goal of better matched appointments being realised. We partner with recognised providers of comprehensive psychological and personality profiling which can be included at the appropriate time in any assignment.

Impact Executive Solutions provides permanent and contract recruiting and search, together with targeted consulting services in the following disciplines:

Professional Profile, Joanne Wayte

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Human Resources

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  WH&S / SH&E

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Risk Management

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Training

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Environmental

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Audit & Compliance

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Security

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Investigations

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Engineering

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Supply Chain

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Technical

Impact-Executive-Solutions-recruitment-contracting-consulting-Bullet  Finance and Accounting