Impact Executive Solutions offer a range of comprehensive Search & Selection Services at the senior executive, management and operational levels. These services are designed to make the task of finding the right person for the job as fast and efficient as possible.

At the heart of our success is a deep knowledge of the disciplines within which we operate and the capacity to help you search far and wide to find top quality talent.

Our selection methodology includes ‘preference interviewing’, which accurately identifies the expertise of each candidate. We then rank candidates against the individual, cultural and organisational criteria to identify candidates most likely to succeed and make a difference to your business performance, now and in the future. Typically, we work with our clients on a retained basis and in this instance the process always begins with a client consultation and entails the following:

Assignment Specification

Working closely with our clients, we will develop a comprehensive assignment specification. This documents not only the required technical and business knowledge but also the required individual, cultural and organisational criteria. The completed document details the full understanding between all parties and the ongoing search, selection and recruitment process is based on this assignment specification.


Advertising copy is prepared for client consideration and approval before advertisements are placed in print and other targeted media as appropriate.


All candidates are required to sign a binding Disclosure Statement prior to our interviews committing them to the accuracy and validity of all documentation they provide and for all answers they provide at interview and any other stage of the recruitment process.

Impact Executive Solutions guarantees that all candidates have been verified through our comprehensive interview process prior to their referral to a client. This ensures they fit your brief technically and culturally.

Clients are then provided with detailed candidate reports which reflect the outcomes from the interview process. While Impact Executive Solutions has proven formats and template document for our interview process, these are fully customised on an assignment by assignment basis to ensure we capture the position and person specific information we are seeking. Candidates reports are similarly tailored for each individual assignment.

Reference Checks

Consistency is maintained in our process by basing our reference checking around the areas identified in the Assignment Specification (and confirmed or identified in our and client interviews) as warranting further investigation. This is in addition to the detailed reference check questions we pursue as a matter of course.

The number of reference checks is not limited and we continue this process until we are satisfied – or otherwise – with the level of confidence we have in the candidate.